Xi to boost world peace?

19th May 2014

Military exercises over Tibet as leader speaks of global friendship

In a speech at the China International Friendship Conference in Beijing, President Xi Jinping said that the Chinese people have “No gene for invasion”. He continued that “Chinese people don’t follow the logic that might is right” and China will stick to the path of peaceful development. Tibetan protesters are regularly shot at and arbitrarily detained while countries criticising China’s human rights record are bullied on the international stage.

China militarising Tibet's borders

In his speech Xi stressed that “China loves peace and will not pursue hegemony”. Instead as the photographs below show, the People’s Liberation Army have heavily militarised the Tibetan plateau and are constantly staging "live-fire tests”.

Partners in delusion

DSC_1188.JPG Xi Jinping’s latest propaganda echoes InterContinental hotel Group CEO Richard Solomons' claim that corporate responsibility is part of the company's "DNA”. But when it comes to their planned Lhasa Intercontinental hotel they seem to have forgotten that DNA. As one of the world’s biggest luxury brands, Intercontinental has no right to portray Lhasa as a paradise while Tibetans are being arrested and tortured for as little as writing or singing a song. Help us tell Intercontinental to get out of Tibet.

Military equipment in Tibet