Unprecedented footage from Tibet

15th March 2012

Tibetans take great risks to ensure that footage such as this reaches the outside world so that the international community knows what is happening inside Tibet.

Video footage and images, taken just hours after Jamyang Palden (right) self-immolated yesterday in Rongwo town, Eastern Tibet, have been received from Tibet.

They include scenes of an extremely large protest involving many hundreds of Tibetans.

This powerful footage below is believed to be of Jamyang Palden several hours later yesterday. Jamyang is surrounded by monks inside the assembly hall of Rongwo Monastery. The monks are chanting prayers for his wellbeing.

This video footage shows one of the largest protests since 2008. People gathered at the point where Jamyang self-immolated; remnants of his robes became a focal point. Monks, including the high lama of Rongwo Monastery, Lama Shar Kyabgon, called on Tibetans to protest peacefully. Photographs of hundreds of Tibetans also demonstrate the size of the gathering.

This video shows hundreds of students from Yifu School marching over Rebkong Bridge at approximately 1pm yesterday. The students were calling for human rights and equality. They began to protest in their school in the morning and then marched to join the main protest in the town square.

View the incredible images on our Facebook page. WARNING: Contains graphic image.

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