UN hears Tibet Watch testimony about abuse of children's rights

6th February 2013

Impact of Chinese occupation on lives of young people detailed

Expert analysts from Tibet Watch raised the important issue of child rights in Tibet at a United Nations meeting in Geneva yesterday.

Tibet Watch and Free Tibet recently published a joint report, Growing up under occupation: the plight of Tibet’s children, which outlined numerous cases of abuses of child rights in Tibet.

Human rights in Tibet

The UN’s Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is currently reviewing China’s compliance with its commitments on human rights for young people. Following the submission of our report, two Tibet Watch analysts were invited to give evidence to the committee in Geneva.

Over the course of morning and afternoon sessions, there were detailed discussions on the issues raised and a lot of interest in the subject of Tibet.

Free Tibet and the United Nations

Free Tibet has an excellent record of submitting evidence to the UN. Our submission to the Committee Against Torture in 2008 played a major role in the committee's subsequent conclusion that use of torture in Tibet was “widespread” and “routine”.

Last year, evidence contained in a Free Tibet report on food rights in Tibet was presented at a UN Human Rights Council meeting. Our findings were echoed by UN Special Rapporteur.

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