Two young monks become latest victims of Chinese justice

24th July 2013

Two young Tibetan monks have become the latest to feel the full force of the Chinese “justice” system.

One of the monks, Tenzin Thinley, 22, cannot speak or eat properly after being tortured because he failed to satisfactorily answer police questions.

He was the roommate of Lobsang Gendun, who was detained by Chinese security forces on July 1 this year after calling for Tibet’s freedom and the long life of the Dalai Lama during the Chinese Communist Party’s 92nd anniversary celebrations.

After a three-day interrogation Tenzin Thinley was returned to his family in Pashoe County, who took him to hospital.

Torture in Tibet

He has been told to report to the PSB (Public Security Bureau) station (akin to a local police station) every day, although a family member can do so instead if Tenzin Thinley cannot.

Lobsang Gendun has also reportedly been tortured in detention. His family and friends do not know where he is, but reports suggest he was taken to hospital by Chinese police and could not walk properly.

Self-immolation protest

Meanwhile, 25-year-old monk, Tsultrim Kalsang received a 10-year jail sentence on 12 July 2013 in Qinghai Province, eastern Tibet for ‘intentional homicide’.

This charge is frequently used by the Chinese authorities to crackdown on self-immolation protests and critics of Chinese policy in Tibet.

It is not known why Tsultrim Kalsang received this charge, although it is possibly linked to the double self-immolation on 30 June 2012 of Ngawang Norphel and Tenzin Khedup, whose bodies were taken to Tsultrim Kalsang’s Zilkar Monastery.

Chinese raid on monastery

On September 1 2012, 60 vehicles of Chinese armed police raided the monastery, detaining five monks, including Tsultrim Kalsang, and confiscating computers and CDs.

He returned to the monastery a month later because of failing health, but he was interrogated twice more and detained for four more months.

Tsultrim Kalsang was tortured in detention and severely injured, resulting in him being hospitalised.

Previous arrest

He was also arrested on 8 February 2012, after participating in the global solidarity prayers for Tibetan freedom.

Of his colleagues who were also detained on September 1, Lobsang Jinpa, 31, received a five-year sentence for writing song lyrics for Lolo, the singer who was sentenced to six years earlier this year.

Sonam Sherab, 41, and Sonam Yignyen, 45, were sent to a Re-education Through Labour camp for two years.

Tsultrim Kalsang was once one of the brightest students at Lhasa’s Sera monastic university, until he was forced to return to his home town after participating in 2008’s mass protests.

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