Torture, beatings and detention for Tibetan prisoners

5th April 2012

Accounts of Tibetans being arrested and tortured as a result of involvement in protests continue to reach us.

A number of cases relate to incidents which have taken place in Pema County, Eastern Tibet this year.

Dalai Lama pictures

Protesters have received prison sentences for holding up pictures of the Dalai Lama or shouting slogans.

Such behaviour has also resulted in harsh beatings at the time of arrest and a large increase in Chinese military presence.

Brutal crackdown in Tibet

Elsewhere, Tibetans tell of people being detained and subjected to brutal treatment while in custody.

In some cases people are being arrested simply for being suspected of assisting others who have participated in protests.

As the crackdown continues, reports come in of arbitrary arrests, detentions and vandalism of private property by Chinese state security personnel.

What you can do

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