Tibetans shot and beaten in protest

8th October 2013

Latest incident of disproportionate and violent response by Chinese state forces

Chinese security forces have opened fire on and indiscriminately beaten a group of Tibetan protesters in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

At least 60 people were injured in the incident which took place on Sunday in Driru County.

The Tibetan demonstrators had gathered to call for the release of a Tibetan man who had been arrested following recent unrest.

Shooting Tibetan protesters

Security forces started beating the protesters. They also deployed tear gas and fired indiscriminately into the crowd.

Five of the injured Tibetans have been identified so far. At least two have been taken to hospital in Lhasa in a critical condition.

The shooting followed recent large-scale protests and clashes between Tibetans and security forces in the area.

Thousands of officials had flooded the area to impose a “political re-education” campaign.

Chinese flags

On 28 September, after being instructed to fly Chinese flags over their houses, Tibetans in one township responded by throwing the flags into the river.

Large number of paramilitary and police forces were deployed as a result.

In subsequent clashes around 40 Tibetans were arrested and many were severely beaten and injured.

Lhasa hospital

A number of the most serious casualties have been sent to hospital in Lhasa.

In at least one case, a man severely injured in detention was denied appropriate medical treatment for nearly a week.

The area has been described as “besieged” by Chinese forces. One local resident said “it seems like the Chinese Cultural Revolution has restarted.”

Chinese violence in Tibet

This is the latest in a series of incidents where Chinese state forces have used violence against unarmed Tibetans.

In July Chinese forces opened fire on Tibetans who had gathered to mark the Dalai Lama's birthday in Tawu County.

One month later electric prods and tear gas were used to break up an environmental demonstration.

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