Tibetan youths set fire to themselves

20th February 2013

Two teenagers die in latest protest

17-year-old Rinchen and 18-year-old Sonam Dhargye are the latest Tibetans to set fire to themselves in protest at China's occupation of Tibet.

The two self-immolated in the Kyangtsa township in Eastern Tibet at around 9:30pm (local time) yesterday.

Both of them died.

UN questions China

Rinchen's protest took place the day after it was revealed that China is to be probed by the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child.

A recent report by Free Tibet and Tibet Watch focusing on abuse of child rights in Tibet cited cases of under 18s, such as Rinchen, who set themselves on fire.

More than 100 Tibetans have now set themselves alight. Read the full list.

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