Tibetan sets fire to himself at Labrang

22nd October 2012

Latest protest at monastery renowned for resistance

A Tibetan in his 50s called Dhondup set fire to himself around 9:30am (local time) today at Labrang Monastery, Eastern Tibet.

Dhondup, who was from Khagya village, Sangchu County, is believed to have died at the scene.

Police stand-off

An eyewitness said police arrived shortly afterwards and tried to remove the body, but were prevented from doing so by the monastery manager and other monks.

The body remains in Labrang Monastery at the time of writing.


Labrang Monastery is renowned for its resistance to Chinese rule, but this is the first self-immolation to take place there.

Nearly 60 Tibetans have now set themselves on fire in protest against the Chinese occupation of their country. Read the full list.

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Four monks disappeared from the city of Tridu (also known as Chengdu) in January. It is believed they were detained by Chinese forces. We have grave concerns for their wellbeing. Send an email on behalf of the Drango Four.

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