Tibetan nuns expelled from nunnery

24th November 2014

Nunnery pays price for refusal to defame the Dalai Lama

Chinese authorities have expelled 26 nuns from Jhada Gon Palden Khachoe Nunnery in Pekar Township, Driru County, in the Tibet Autonomous Region. In September 2014, a large number of Chinese “work team” descended onto the nunnery and expelled the nuns after they refused to criticise their religious leader, the Dalai Lama. The nunnery belongs to the Gelugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, of which the Dalai Lama is the head. Similar to other religious institutes in Tibet, a restriction of registered pupils (in this case 140) had been placed on Jhada Gon Palden Khachoe Nunnery. The unregistered, 26, were expelled. In the past, when the nunnery was being surveyed, those not registered hid away in the mountains and returned once the “work team” had left. The expelled nuns, some from neighbouring Sog County, have nowhere else to continue their studies.

Unfinished story of Driru

Driru County has been the hub of protests in central Tibet since the anti-mining protests in 2013. To reach a wider audience, we worked with artist May Kindred-Boothby to create an evocative interpretation of the resilience of the Tibetan people in the “Unfinished Story of Driru County”. This narrative echoes the whole of Tibet's resistance. Watch the animation and read more about the Unfinished Story of Driru.

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