Tibetan mother dies

4th March 2012

Mother of four is latest to self-immolate as protests continue A 32-year-old woman has become the latest Tibetan to set themselves on fire in defiance at the Chinese occupation of their country. Rinchen, a mother of four, self-immolated in Ngaba Town, in front of the police station which has been established by the main gate into Kirti Monastery. She died at the scene.

Call for Tibet freedom

While in flames Rinchen called out: “Tibet needs Freedom and Gyalwa Rinpochen (the Dalai Lama) needs to return to Tibet.” Local people have taken her body into the monastery.

Beatings and detentions

According to a source in Tibet, people in Ngaba are being beaten and detained by security personnel, just for being Tibetan. This has been ongoing since last year. Large numbers of Chinese state security personnel are present in Ngaba Town; on the streets, manning roadblocks, and conducting house-to-house searches.

Increased military presence

The town and the surrounding area are closed to independent observers. Communications, including internet and mobile, have been blocked for much of the last year. Free Tibet has received recent reports from Ngaba County of an increase in military presence in towns and villages and more monitoring of monasteries, in addition to the 300 officials already stationed at Kirti. More than 40 Tibetans have now set themselves on fire in protest at the repressive Chinese occupation of their country. See the full list.

What you can do

Contact your nearest Chinese embassy asking for an immediate end to the use of disproportionate force and detention in Tibet.