Tibetan Monk Detained in Kardze

Jampa Gelek
Jampa Gelek
21st May 2016

Jampa Gelek is currently being detained for unknown reasons

Jampa Gelek, a 23-year-old Tibetan monk, was detained by police on 16 May at his monastery in Kardze, eastern Tibet.  He was arrested while going for a walk around the Buddhist Stupa near Nyitso Monastery in Kardze’s Tawu County.

No official reason was given for Jampa Gelek's arrest but local Tibetans believe he was detained for expressing a wish to self-immolate in protest against Chinese rule in Tibet. It is believed that he was moved to Dartsedo County in Kardze and is now being held indefinitely.

A banned Tibetan national flag and a "Free Tibet" slogan written in English on the wall

A few hours after his detention, a group of security officials went to search his room in Nyitso Monastery and found a banned Tibetan national flag and a "Free Tibet" slogan written in English on the wall (pictured).

Jampa Gelek is a first year student at the Institute for Buddhist Studies. He was a well-respected monk, having joined the monastery as a young child and studied Tibetan Buddhist philosophy for almost ten years. He was appreciated by all for being a diligent student and also voluntarily taught Tibetan culture and language to Tibetan children during his holidays.

Tibet flag torn down in Hong Kong

Video has emerged of police officers in Hong Kong forcefully stopping two protesters waving a Tibetan flag. The incident took place during a pro-democracy demonstration on Wednesday, 18 May, as a senior Chinese official visited the city. In the video, a male voice is heard saying "I have my rights to protest" and a female voice says "Down with the Communist Party!" It is not known whether they were arrested.

Displaying the Tibetan flag as a symbol of solidarity with Tibetans and opposition to the Chinese government is an emerging trend in China. Tibetans and Tibet supporters offered solidarity with Hong Kong pro-democracy campaigners during the “umbrella protests” of 2014.

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Chinese-occupied Tibet has some of the harshest restrictions on civil liberties in the world. China has arrested many Tibetan monks in response to their peaceful political activism. Take action for Tibet’s monks and nuns by joining in with our Robed Resisters campaign.