Tibetan Monk and Writer Lomig Sentenced to Seven and a Half Years in Prison

Lomig in Wenchuan Detention Centre, 9th May 2016
Lomig in Wenchuan Detention Centre, 9th May 2016
10th May 2016

Lomig was held and tortured in secret before sentencing 

The Tibetan writer Jo Lobsang Jamyang, also known by his pen name Lomig, has been sentenced to seven and a half years in prison.

Although the precise date and circumstances of the sentencing are unknown, the family of Lomig, 28, understand that he has been convicted for “sharing government secrets and attempting to divide the nation”.

Neither his family members nor lawyer were allowed to be present for the verdict, which was handed down by Wenchuan People's Court near Chengdu, Sichuan Province, over a year after his arrest in April 2015. During this year Lomig’s whereabouts were kept a secret as he was moved between several detention centres, where he was interrogated and tortured.

Lomig's family were allowed to visit him yesterday for half an hour in Wenchuan detention centre, where he told them that the judge had accused him of leaking state secrets from 2009 to 2015 and that he had been involved in separatist activities. Lomig said that he had not confessed to anything.

He is currently being held in Wenchuan detention centre and is now due to be transferred to prison.


Lomig is originally from Ngaba County in eastern Tibet. He is a popular and influential writer among Tibetans in Ngaba and is especially influential among young Tibetans. He wrote articles, gave talks and organised debates highlighting the grievances and plight of Tibetan people.

A critic of Chinese government policies in Tibet, Lomig wrote about a number of issues including the underlying reasons for the 2008 uprising, self-immolation protests, environmental destruction and restrictions on freedom of expression. Local Tibetans believe that his writing and other activities were the pretext for his arrest in April 2015.

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