Tibetan man beaten to death in jail

23rd August 2013

Second confirmed death in custody this year

Father of two Guldrak, was arrested for theft on 8 August in Maywa, eastern Tibet.

He was subjected to severe beatings during his interrogation, he died in the detention centre where he was being held.

Tibetans protest

Police tried to disguise the death as suicide but 500 local Tibetans protested in front of the detention centre where Guldrak was murdered.

Local police accepted responsibility for the death and offered financial compensation amounting to tens of thousands of US dollars.

There is no indication of a criminal investigation regarding Guldrak’s death.

Previous deaths in custody

This is the second death in detention in 2013 that Free Tibet can confirm. Details of the first cannot be disclosed to protect sources.

These cases follow two confirmed deaths in custody in 2012 of Tsering Gyaltsen and Karwang.

Authorities in Tibet will not hesitate to use or turn a blind eye to lethal force against Tibetans.

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