Tibetan man arrested in Nagchu and held in unknown location

15th November 2019

Lhadar from Nagchu in central Tibet was arrested in early October

Free Tibet's research partner, Tibet Watch, has confirmed the arrest of a Tibetan man in Tarchen Township in Nagchu, central Tibet, on 8 October.

Lhadar is currently being held in an unknown location.

Despite his arrest taking place over a month ago, Lhadar’s family have received no information about his current whereabouts. The reasons for his arrest have also not been disclosed, although local sources believe that it was connected to him communicating with the outside world about the occupation.

Due to strict restrictions and surveillance on social media in Tarchen Township, it is difficult to acquire further information on Lhadar and his condition.

Lhadar is known for his devotion to the exiled 14th Dalai Lama, whom he wishes to one day meet.

In the past he has also spoken out against Chinese rule in Tibet. In 2013, he and other residents of his township challenged Chinese authorities after they temporarily closed Shak Rongpo Monastery and imposed restrictions on its activities. Their appeal to local officials to lift the restrictions led to around 40 people, including Lhadar, being arrested and tortured in prison for more than a month. Lhadar was being carefully watched by the Chinese police since his release.