Tibetan detained for mining protest

The Tarkog area of Yushu County, a mining site since January 2016
The Tarkog area of Yushu County, a mining site since January 2016
30th March 2016

Nyima Tsering was also fined over $3000 for protesting a mine being built on his grazing land

A Tibetan landowner was arrested and fined after carrying out a protest against Chinese mining on his land. Nyima Tsering, from the Tarkog area of Village No.7 in Zurmang Chungwa Township, Yushu County, carried out the protest on 14 March in response to the construction of a Chinese mining site. The mining site, which has been under development since January this year, is on land used by Nyima Tsering's herds for summer grazing.

Nyima Tsering appealed several times to the authorities since January but to no avail. Having exhausted his options at government level, he went to the mining site and staged a protest, resulting in a fight between him and several of the miners.

Police immediately arrived at the mining site and arrested Nyima Tsering. He was taken to Trindu County and interrogated for four days and fined for fighting with the mining team. He was then taken back home.

In recent years Yushu has been the location for several protests by Tibetans against mining projects. In August 2013 hundreds of Tibetans peacefully protested a proposed mine by setting up a camp at the mining site in Yushu. Police responded by dispersing the protesters with tear gas and batons and by firing machine guns in the air, resulting in 14 people being hospitalised

Stop Torture in Tibet

Tibetans are frequently detained for carrying out protests and are often held in unknown locations while being interrogated or awaiting trial. Such an environment puts them at serious risk of torture. Tell China's authorities to obey international law and stop torture in Tibet.