SUCCESS! Twitter removes all fake propaganda accounts

1st August 2014

Free Tibet stops China's latest bid to manipulate Western opinion

Social media platform Twitter has now suspended all the fake accounts China has been using to spread propaganda about Tibet. In a conversation with senior Twitter executives last night, Free Tibet thanked the company for taking decisive action. The suspension of the accounts followed our investigation exposing the use of fake identities to tweet content supporting China's spin on Tibet. Free Tibet submitted a detailed complaint to Twitter and the company was inundated with emails and Tweets demanding action.

China's Tibet lies

Free Tibet identified around 100 dummy accounts which used false names and stole photographs and profile descriptions from real people. These accounts retweeted content from a Chinese website promoting Tibet as an idyllic and contented Chinese province. The website also criticised the Dalai Lama, Tibet's spiritual leader and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. China is highly sensitive to any signs of international support for Tibetan freedom and has declared its intention to "win over" Western public opinion on the issue. Its message is that Tibetans have benefited hugely from Chinese investment and that the environment and culture of Tibet is protected and safe in China's hands. China tries to block all information that might contradict its propaganda by banning international media and human rights bodies and allowing foreign diplomats access only under tight restrictions. Tibetans are severely punished for "splittist" activities, including sending information outside the country.

Destruction in Tibet

In reality, Tibetans' human rights are systematically and brutally abused, Tibetan culture is being eradicated or exists only under rigid control and the land and resources of Tibet are being exploited without regard to the impact on Tibet's environment or people. Tibetans continue to reject and resist China's occupation of their country and at great risk ensure that information about what is happening inside Tibet's borders still reaches the outside world.

Blow to China's propaganda

China's attempt to win over international public opinion is one of the gravest threats to Tibet. International support for Tibet and Tibetans helps to limit China's crimes in Tibet and is massively important to Tibetans in their peaceful struggle for freedom. Our exposé and the worldwide media attention resulting from it struck a blow against China's lies. Thank you to all Free Tibet supporters who took action on this important campaign and helped it succeed.

Take action

small_action4.jpgChina's Twitter propaganda was designed to tell the world that Tibet is a paradise. British multinational company Intercontinental Hotels Group is opening a luxury hotel in Lhasa, called the "Resort Lhasa Paradise", providing China with exactly the public relations messaging it wants. Tibet under occupation is no playground for the rich. Tell Intercontinental to pull the plug on the Lhasa hotel.