Seven year sentence for sharing information

24th August 2012

Emails land monk in jail

A senior monk has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment for sharing information about protests.

Yonten Gyatso (right), 40, from Khashi monastery, Ngaba county, disappeared in October 2011, but information about what happened to him has only recently emerged.

Tortured in detention

Yonten Gyatso was arrested and then detained at Ngaba county military camp.

He was transferred to a prison in Wenjiang, Tridu city where he was brutally tortured and kept in a dark room.

Protest information

Yonten Gyatso was sentenced for his involvement in sharing information about Tenzin Wangmo, a nun who set herself on fire on 17 October last year.

Reportedly, he was also accused of having shared information about events in Tibet since 2008 by attempting to make telephone calls to United Nations human rights offices.

Primary school teacher

Yonten Gyatso was a member of the monastic Democratic Management Committee. He also taught Tibetan to local primary schoolchildren and worked tirelessly to preserve Tibetan Buddhism, culture and language.

What you can do

Please contact your local Chinese Embassy now, demanding Yonten Gyatso's immediate release, an end to the use of torture in Tibet and for those who tortured Yonten Gyatso to be held accountable.