Recent attacks on Tibetans

16th December 2011

Students targeted and a man is killed in Tibet

Tibetan students were attacked and held hostage by Chinese counterparts earlier this week. Beijing-based blogger Woeser writes that over 3,000 Chinese students went on a rampage on Wednesday night.

“The Chinese students shouted 'Beat a Tibetan, get an extra credit,’ and broke the doors of the Tibetan dormitories in the institute,” wrote Woeser on her blog. Around 200 Tibetan students were trapped as their furniture was attacked and windows smashed.

News censorship

The incident took place at a Chinese vocational institute in Chengdu. It is reported that more than 1,000 People’s Armed Police personnel arrived at the scene and dispersed the crowd with tear gas.

It is not yet known what sparked the incident and the situation remains tense. A few local news portals briefly carried reports on the rampage – before the stories were removed.

Beaten to death

Meanwhile it is also being reported that a young Tibetan man was beaten to death in Labrang, in the Amdo region of eastern Tibet.

The man in his 20s, who has been named as Chonjor, was stopped by police and handed over to the People’s Armed Police on December 9. When his family went to the police station the next day to enquire as to his whereabouts, they were told that he was dead.

Reports of torture

Sources are claiming that he had faced severe torture while in custody – something which the UN has described as ‘routine and widespread’ in Tibet.

The reasons for Chonjor’s arrest are not known.