Protests intensify as third Tibetan sets himself alight in two days

26th February 2013

After weeks with no incidents in December and January, self-immolations increasing again

Sandhag (age unconfirmed), a monk from Diphu Monastery, set himself alight in the main street of Ngaba, eastern Tibet, yesterday 25 February around 10am local time. Security forces put out the flames and took him to the local hospital but Sandhag has subsequently been moved and his current whereabouts and condition are unknown. A heavy security presence was reported in the town immediately following the protest although restrictions have since been relaxed.


In November last year, self-immolation protests were an almost daily event in Tibet but none took place between mid-December and mid-January. A Chinese crackdown, involving restrictions on communications, large numbers of arrests and heavy sentencing for people accused of "inciting" protests was initially thought to have had an effect on Tibetans' willingness to set themselves alight but the protests have become increasingly regular over the course of this month.

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