"We need to survive, we need to eat"

We need to survive, we need to eat
23rd June 2016

Nomad protest met with violence

Tibetans from Trenak Township, in Chapcha County were challenging a local official over the demolition of their homes last year when police arrived in force and broke up the peaceful protest with beatings. Around 10 army trucks arrived at the scene and security forces charged the peaceful protesters wielding iron rods and batons. The protestors - numbering in their hundreds -carried white banners with red writing on them, saying in Chinese, '"we need to survive, we need to eat".

In May last year, the community's houses and businesses on the shores of Lake Qinghai were demolished when the government claimed the land to use for a tourist attraction. Protests at the time were dispersed by force and a number of local Tibetans arrested. Over the last year, appeals have been made to the government for permission to reconstruct their houses through legal channels but were rejected. The community was also ordered not to appeal anymore and this order was enforced in today's show of strength.

Land grabs and disputes with officials

Land grabs, destruction of property and environmental exploitation have become increasingly common sources of dispute between Tibetans and local authorities in the last few years. Tibetans frequently make special efforts to ensure that their protests are seen as local disputes rather than being politically motivated but any challenge to authority in Tibet is seen as a political threat and faces a violent response. 

Take action

Tibetans' land is frequently taken for commercial exploitation, often leading to environmental damage. A number of Chinese companies are currently bottling Tibet's water for sale a a luxury product, despite severe threats to water resources in Tibet. Please contact shareholders in one of these companies to demand that they end their investment.