Picture of Tibetan shot dead by Chinese forces

1st June 2012

Photos of shooting victim emerge

Free Tibet has received pictures of the body of a young Tibetan who was shot dead when Chinese state security forces opened fire in Barma Township, in January.

Urgen (right) was shot dead by state security forces when he tried, alongside many fellow-townspeople, to prevent his friend Tharpa from being arrested.

Call for Tibetan freedom

Tharpa was being pursued by the authorities because he had posted leaflets in the town claiming that self-immolations would continue until Tibet is free.

The fact that there have now been four self-immolations in Barma Township since, the most recent, mother-of-three Rechok, taking place earlier this week, proves Tharpa right.

Reality of Tibet

The picture we are releasing shows that Urgen sustained a head injury. We are making this available to show the reality of the situation and the dangers faced by protesters in Tibet.

Some people may find the picture distressing so we urge caution.

Click to view our photos of Urgen