Nomad sets himself on fire

15th June 2012

Latest self-immolation in Tibet

A Tibetan nomad has set himself on fire in a protest against the Chinese occupation.

Tamdrin Thar, who was in his early 60s, died at the scene.

He set fire to himself outside the Chinese People’s Armed Police compound in Markethang, Eastern Tibet at 6am local time.

Tibetans demonstrate

Four to five hundred local lay people and monks protested in the town, demanding the return of Tamdrin’s body, which had been removed by the authorities.

It was eventually returned to his family who have taken it to a monastery.

Wave of protest

Tamdrin Thar is the oldest Tibetan to set himself on fire during the wave of protests which are sweeping across Tibet.

Like many others, his choice of location for his act of protest represents outright rejection at China’s continued occupation.

More than 40 Tibetans have now set themselves on fire in protest at the repressive Chinese occupation of their country. See the full list.