More singers detained in Tibet

13th December 2013

Driru county musicians latest victims of clampdown

Two singers from Driru county have been arrested, apparently for their pro-Tibet songs. Trinley Tsekar, aged 22, was arrested on 20 November. Gongpo Tsezin, aged 25, was arrested on 30 November.

Tibetan protesters shot

Both men are from Driru County which has been the scene of intense protests and repression since September when Tibetans in the area threw Chinese flags they had been ordered to fly on their houses into the river. Security forces fired on a demonstration in October, injuring 60.

Tibetan singers targeted by China

Trinley Tsekar was apparently arrested because of distribution of his DVD titled Ring of Unity which contains songs celebrating Tibetan identity, culture and language. Gongpo Tenzin 1.jpgGongpo Tenzin, left, a father of one, was arrested in Lhasa. His songs also promote Tibetan culture and one particular DVD - No Losar - refers to Tibetans' decision not to celebrate Losar (Tibetan new year) because of repression in the country. The two follow arrests and sentencing of five other singers in Tibet this year.

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