Monk arrested in Ngaba after protest

Losang Thupten, arrested Ngaba 2 May 2016
Losang Thupten, arrested Ngaba 2 May 2016
3rd May 2016

Monk Losang Thubten undertook a solo protest on 2 May 2016 at around 3pm in Ngaba, Sichuan Province.

From Meruma Township in Ngaba County, Losang Thubten carried a portrait of the Dalai Lama on the main street of Ngaba town. Pictures of the Dalai Lama are banned in Tibet. After only a few minutes of peaceful protest, police arrived on site, manhandled him and took him away (see video at bottom of page). His current whereabouts is unknown.

The street has been named ‘Martyrs Street’ by local Tibetans as a number of self-immolation and other protests have taken place there.

New report on monasteries in Tibet

Losang Thubten is a monk from Kirti Monastery in Ngaba. The monastery is very well known for its political activism.

Free Tibet's research partner, Tibet Watch, has published a new report on the role of monasteries in Tibetan resistance. The comprehensive report examines the historic role of monasteries in Tibetan life and the story of resistance and repression since the Chinese invasion in 1950. Kirti Monastery is profiled in depth.

In 2008, a demonstration by monks and laypeople in Ngaba was fired upon by police, killing 23 people.  Following the incident, 100 Kirti monks were arrested and military forces were stationed inside Kirti for nearly a year.

Tibet’s first self-immolation took place in 2009 when a Kirti monk called Tabe set himself alight on the main road in Ngaba town. Two years later, on the anniversary of the 2008 shooting, another Kirti monk, Phuntsok died staging Tibet’s second self-immolation. A month later, two people were killed trying to prevent the arrest of 300 monks at the monastery. Of the more than 140 recorded cases of self-immolation in Tibet so far, 13 have been by monks from Kirti monastery.

Take action for Tibet's Robed Resisters

Losang Thubten has joined hundreds of imprisoned monks and nuns in Tibet. Find out more about Tibet's Robed Resisters and how you can contact authorities to raise their cases