Missing Tibetans confirmed jailed

11th August 2014

Heavy sentences for mining protest

Three years after their arrest, six Tibetans have been confirmed to be in Drapchi prison, Lhasa. The six were arrested in April 2011 after anti-mining protests in Lhundrub County. Kunga and Pema were both sentenced to 12 years, Ngawang Yeshi, Choeyang Woser and Penpa Gyalpo to 11 years and Pema Gyalpo to 8 years. During the original protests, many other Tibetans were beaten by Chinese security forces.

Tibetans threatened

Prior to the protest, a number of Tibetan households had been forced to relocate in order to accommodate mining projects. Promised support for the transition did not materialise and many Tibetans found it difficult, especially those who were previously farmers or nomads. Local Tibetans made numerous requests for the mining to be halted but were told anyone who was opposed to it would be arrested and charged with political crimes.

Damming Asia’s main river source

In 2009 the Chinese government started damming the Yarlung Tsangpo in Lhundrub County, the source of the Brahmaputra River. Local residents were told that the dam would bring benefits to the local community. Instead, the dam is causing damage to the local environment. Local Tibetans also suspect that mining will take place once the river is contained. Lhundrup County has been the scene of mining operations since 1998.

Tibet’s environment

Tibet’s water and its mineral, metal and fossil fuel deposits help to fuel China’s relentless economic and industrial expansion. Read more

Take Action

Tibetans are constantly under surveillance and subject to arrest at any time. Since 2012 at least eleven singers have been arrested, joining thousands of other political prisoners in this occupied country. Please take action