Latest shooting in Tibet

27th January 2012

Chinese forces kill another

Another Tibetan has been killed in the latest in a series of shootings. The dead man has been named as Urgen. He was killed yesterday afternoon in Barma Township, Dzamthang County.

It is believed he was shot when he joined a crowd of people who were attempting to prevent the arrest of another young man Tharpa (right).

An eyewitness report says that the security forces opened fire and Urgen fell to the ground, believed dead.

Rumours circulated amongst the crowd that up to four more people were shot.


Chinese forces had turned up at Tharpa’s father’s house a few hours after posters appeared in the township which linked the self-immolations in Tibet with the lack of freedom.

The posters in question both named and pictured Tharpa. We understand that they also contained a challenge to Chinese forces to come and arrest him.