Last message of teenage nun

29th November 2012

17-year-old leaves photo and note before setting herself on fire

Last Sunday, 17-year-old Sangye Dolma set fire to herself and died in Dokarmo Township, Tsekog County.

Message of independence

She was a nun and local people and monks gathered the following morning for her cremation.

Sangye Dolma left a photo and a note behind which show the motivations for her actions.

In the photo, the words “Tibet is an independent country” is written on her hand.

“Sons and daughters of Tibet”

Her note (pictured below right) was written in Tibetan and left in an envelope.

It says:

medium_Sangye dolma note2.JPG“There is a photo of mine in the memory card. Here is the will for the photo.
Sons and daughters of Tibet, the darlings of Snow lion,
The brave sons of Tibet,
Remember you are Tibetan.
My name is Sangye Dolma
Sixteen years old by Solar calendar, Seventeen years old by Tibetan Calendar.”

Escalating protests

Nearly 90 Tibetans have set fire to themselves since March 2011. Read the full list.

Take action for Tibet

Intercontinental Hotels wants to build and operate a huge new resort in Lhasa. This tells the world that the situation is normal in Tibet – it isn’t. Email Intercontinental and ask them to leave Tibet:

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