Join us to mark the Tibetan Uprising Day

26th February 2015

If you can’t make it to London, there are events across the world

This 10th March marks the 56th Anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising Day, the mass resistance to China’s illegal occupation that took place in1959. Events will take place in many countries to remember the courage of the Tibetan people, who paid a heavy price for standing up to China and to highlight the ongoing, non-violent resistance. Learn more about Tibet's history.

Tibet's resistance

Tibetans inside Tibet continue to oppose the occupation of their country with courage and dedication, despite a lifetime of repression.

Support Tibet

Free Tibet is one of a coalition of Tibet groups organising the annual Uprising Day march in London, on 7 March and events are taking place across the world to mark Uprising Day. Find out how and where you can take part here, and learn more about what you can do for Tibet.

Take Action

If you are unable to attend the main rally in your country or if there isn't one, perhaps you could mark the day with a message on Facebook or by organising a small vigil in your local area. If you already have one organised, please let us know and we'll let supporters know in your area.