International reports expose oppression in Tibet

27th January 2014

Tibet receives lowest possible human rights ranking

Respected US human rights NGO Freedom House has given Tibet the worst possible rating on human and political rights. In their 2014 annual report, Freedom House have given countries and territories across the world a “freedom rating”, with 1 as highest and 7 as lowest. Chinese-occupied Tibet scored 7 for both political rights and civil liberties, and a ‘not free’ rating.

Tibet among 'world's worst'

This score places Tibet amongst the world’s 12 worst countries on civil rights alongside authoritarian regimes such as North Korea, Somalia, Saudi Arabia and Syria. These findings echo the conclusions of Human Rights Watch (HRW) who in their World Report 2014 state that the Chinese government ‘systematically suppresses political, cultural, religious and socio-economic rights in Tibet’.

Severe restrictions in Tibet

HRW is one of the largest human rights organisations in the world, and its authoritative annual report monitors developments across the globe. The recently published report goes on to describe arbitrary arrests, torture and a biased judiciary along with severe restriction on Tibetans’ freedom of movement and an intense and intrusive surveillance system across Tibet. HRW also outlines how China’s policy of rehousing and relocating Tibetan nomads in ‘new socialist villages’ is an abuse of their rights.

Take action

Tibetan singers have been targeted by China for singing songs celebrating Tibet and calling for freedom. Please sign our petition to China's minister of justice demanding the release the nine singers imprisoned since 2012. action10.jpg