Imprisoned monk attracts wave of support

Tsangyang Gyatso
Tsangyang Gyatso
22nd January 2016

Hundreds of solidarity messages written to Robed Resister Tsangyang Gyatso

Supporters have responded to Free Tibet’s appeal for Tsangyang Gyatso, the second monk in the Robed Resisters campaign, with hundreds of messages and letters to authorities.

481 solidarity messages were sent from around the world, expressing a range of sentiments, from words of encouragement to outrage at his continued imprisonment to admiration for his bravery. They ranged from detailed messages and personal stories to messages of just one word.

Supporters have also written hundreds of letters to the governor of Chushul prison where Tsangyang Gyatso is currently serving his 12 year sentence, and to the governor of the Tibet Autonomous Region, demanding that he be released. Free Tibet will now ensure that these letters are sent to Tsangyang Gyatso in prison, and will continue to follow his case.Tsangyang Gyatso was arrested in March 2014. He was sentenced later that year to 12 years in prison for carrying out “separatist” activities, including alleged contact with people outside of Tibet and holding meetings with other monks to organise protests.

Our next Robed Resister: Thardhod Gyaltsen

Free Tibet’s next Robed Resister will be Thardhod Gyaltsen, a monk and chant leader at Drongna Monastery in Driru County, Tibet. He is currently serving an 18 year prison sentence.

Thardhod Gyaltsen was arrested in December 2013 after police shut down the monastery in order to enforce a re-education campaign on its residents as part of a heavy crackdown on protests in Driru County. While there, police appear to have discovered pictures the Dalai Lama and recording of his speeches, all illegal under Chinese rule.

Beijing’s clampdown continues

While Tsangyang Gyatso and Thardhod Gyaltsen remain in prison, Tibet’s monks and nuns continue to persecuted. Monasteries and nunneries have also been subjected to increasingly tight surveillance and control by the authorities, and in some cases even demolished.

Take action

Please contact regional authorities to demand the immediate release of jailed monk Thardhod Gyaltsen. Find out more about the campaign and actions you can take on our Robed Resisters page.