Flag protesters released

26th November 2013

Reports of torture; others still imprisoned in Driru

Twelve Tibetans have been released from jail following intense protests against attempts to force villagers in central Tibet to fly the Chinese flag.

The twelve, from Driru county, were arrested earlier this month after protesting over the arrests of two other members of the community. Three others arrested at the same time are still detained, as are the two men previously arrested.


Those released range in age from 17 to 25. They report being tortured and repeatedly interrogated during their two weeks in jail.

On release, they were forced to pay fines and put their thumbprints to documents stating they would not participate in further demonstrations.

China flag forced on Tibetans

The arrests followed intense protests and a severe clampdown by the authorities in October after Tibetans in Driru threw Chinese flags they had been ordered to fly over their houses into the river.

Authorities responded to ensuing protests with arrests and violence and fired live ammunition into a crowd seeking the release of jailed Tibetans.

At least 60 people were injured in the incident.

Communications clampdown

Following the protests in September and October, severe restrictions were placed on internet and phone use and movement in and out of the area was restricted.

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