First self-immolation of 2014

7th February 2014

Father of two dies in protest

A Tibetan man has died after setting himself alight in protest against China’s continued oppression of Tibet. Phakmo Samdup, a father of two, was believed to be in his late twenties. He staged his protest in Malho, eastern Tibet, near a school in Dokarmo township late on Wednesday evening. He died at the scene and his body was taken by Chinese authorities.

Communication restrictions and oppression in Tibet

Communications in the region are now heavily restricted and local authorities are warning people not to let news reach the outside world. They are also spreading the allegation that the young man committed suicide for personal reasons.

Fewer self-immolations

More than 120 Tibetans have set themselves alight in protest since 2011 but only six of these have taken place since July 2013. Last year, China began inflicting punishments on the families and communities of self-immolators and a number of Tibetans have been given severe prison sentences, including a suspended death sentence, for allegedly inciting individuals to undertake the protests.

Tension in Tibet

Tibetan New Year and Uprising Day are both times of tension in Tibet and China has already started deploying security forces as a show of strength, in an attempt to prevent protests.

Take action

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