Father of three dies

28th November 2012

Self-immolation protests show no signs of stopping

Protests at China's occupation of Tibet continue to escalate, with self-immolation protests now reaching over 80 since March 2011.

Call for freedom & human rights in Tibet

It is confirmed that 24-year-old Gonpo Tsering called for freedom and human rights in Tibet as he set fire to himself outside a Monastery in Eastern Tibet.

The married father of three also called out for the return to Tibet of the Dalai Lama. He died at the scene.

Tibet Spring

Gonpo Tsering's protest is among 80 other self-immolation protests made by Tibetans since March 2011.

This includes Nyingar Tashi, who last week set himself alight while declaring "I am setting fire to myself to protest against the Chinese government"

Around 80 Tibetans have set fire to themselves since March 2011. Read the full list.

Take action for Tibet

Intercontinental Hotels wants to build and operate a huge new resort in Lhasa. This tells the world that the situation is normal in Tibet – it isn’t. Email Intercontinental and ask them to leave Tibet:

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