Faces of arrested Tibetans

25th January 2012

Detainees, disappearances and deaths confirmed

We’ve received images of three men who have been detained by Chinese authorities following the demonstration in Meruma township, Ngaba County on Monday.

Bhuda (right), Sandor and Gyajig were among those apprehended in the area over the last few days. In addition, we believe that up to 100 people have been disappeared by the authorities after being driven away in trucks.

Serthar shooting

We can confirm that a man named Dawa Dagpa was the second Tibetan killed in Serthar yesterday when Chinese forces opened fire.

Another man named Tashi Nyima was hit, possibly by crossfire. He was in a shop at the time and was last seen bleeding heavily. His current condition is unknown.

All telephone services to Serthar have been cut off in an attempt to control the flow of information and there are travel restrictions in the area.

Information is spreading

News of the killings which have taken place over the last few days is spreading and Tibetans are aware of what has been happening.

One Tibetan blogger posted an image on his blog saying ‘Long live freedom’. It has since been removed.