Dominic West meets the man behind the video

10th November 2011

Actor Dominic West was with the Free Tibet team in Dharamsala last week. While there, he had a very special meeting with the man whose torture testimony he recounted on video for us last year.

Tibet hero

This is what Dominic said at his meeting with Lhamo Kyab: “I feel humility in meeting a great hero who is prepared to sacrifice not seeing his family (which I understand as a father), to make a difference in his homeland. “It’s an astonishingly heroic story and thank goodness it’s being told, but so many others are not. I feel your desire to give witness to the people suffering that nobody knows about. “I’m honoured and privileged that you told your story to me because I realise that information is important and enables us to help. If there’s anything I can do to disseminate your story so that most people know about you, I'll do it. “You are a great hero.”