Dead at 18 after setting himself alight

20th July 2013

Young monk latest self-immolation protest in Tibet

Kunchok Sonam set himself alight after morning prayers at his monastery on 20 July.

He was the first Tibetan to set themselves alight since June 11. His protest took place in Dzoge County in Ngaba, eastern Tibet and he is survived by his parents, Sonam Palden and Lantuk.

Communications clampdown

Authorities tried to claim his body but local Tibetans were able to prevent them.

Since his protest, communications restrictions have been intensified in the area.

Take action

Many Tibetans as young as Kunchok Sonam have set themselves alight and died in protest against China's repression. Sign our petition to Chinese President Xi Jinping. You can learn more about the struggles of young people in Tibet here.