Communist Party reshuffles Tibetan leadership

Lobsang Gyaltsen - the highest ranking Tibetan in the TAR
Lobsang Gyaltsen - the highest ranking Tibetan in the TAR
25th November 2016

Han Chinese CCP members hold top positions

Chinese media has reported (Chinese) an extensive change in personnel in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leadership in Tibet. The changes took place after an election on 18 November, through which the Party Secretary, Deputy Secretary and members of the 9th Committee of the Communist Party were elected.

A significant number of members of the Committee are Tibetan CCP members, although several high-profile Tibetans no longer hold positions. The top leadership positions are all held by Han Chinese CCP members.

The reshuffle has taken place in the run up to the CCP’s 19th National Congress, due to be held in autumn next year, and where the new leadership of the Communist Party of China will be chosen.

Sweeping changes

Wu Yingjie was confirmed as Party Secretary for the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) having been selected in August this year. He was a former deputy Party Secretary and has spent over 42 years in the TAR in various CCP positions. His predecessor, Chen Quanguo, has become the Communist Party Secretary of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region.

The new elected members of the CCP Standing Committee are: Lobsang Gyaltsen, Che Dhala, Norbu Dhondup, Tenkho, Pemba Tashi , Pema Wangdue, Lobsang Gyaltsen and Che Dhala, who are all Tibetan, and Deng Xiaogang, Ding Yexian, Wang Ruilian, Wang Yongjun, Jiang Jie and He Wenhao, who are all Han Chinese.

Two Chinese members of the Committee, Deng Xiaogang and Ding Yexian, are the new Deputy Secretaries. Pema Thinley, a Tibetan CCP cadre and one of the Deputy Party Secretaries, is no longer a member of the Standing Committee.

Two other Tibetans, Gonpo Tashi and Dothok, are also no longer on the Standing Committee.

Take action

Tibetans continue to resist the party officials and harsh laws imposed by Beijing. They are punished with harassment, arrest and long prison sentences. Take action for Tibet’s political prisoners by writing to the Chinese authorities and telling them that the world is watching.