Communications clampdown

19th March 2013

Internet cut in parts of Tibet; mobile phone sweep leads to arrests

In a clampdown coinciding with Tibetan Uprising anniversary and the “election” of a new president in Beijing, Tibetans are being detained following increased security checks on mobile phones by the Chinese authorities.

A teenager was detained for 15 days in the Lhasa area after Tibetan loyalty songs were found on their phone and many others are in custody following similar checks.

Chinese surveillance

On previous occasions, ‘reactionary’ content has led to harsh sentences.

Since 7 March, special censor groups from Beijing have stepped up surveillance in the capital, visiting internet cafes and monasteries seeking evidence of communications with the outside world. Anyone with a record of overseas calls faces arrest.

Internet cut

Internet access including by mobile phone, has been blocked in sensitive areas of the Amdo region.

The blackout prevents Tibetans sharing information – including about protests - on social media platforms.

Take action for Tibet

Tibetans continue to risk imprisonment and torture for speaking out but the international community remain silent. Call on world leaders to break the silence