Clampdown in Sog county

18th March 2014

Tibetans arrested; security forces move in

Sog County in central Tibet has seen a series of arrests this March as China attempts to stop the spread of Tibetan resistance from neighbouring Driru. Developments follow a series of arrests in February. Four monks from the local Doba Shartsa monastery were arrested and remain in detention. Six young Tibetans were also arrested for writing slogans on a frozen river in sand. Four have been released although they have to report daily to officials. Two remain in jail.

Independence slogans

Free Tibet has now learned that five Tibetans were arrested in Sog on 6 March for allegedly using their mobile phones to exchange prohibited information and photographs. On March 10 - a sensitive time in Tibet - an independence slogan appeared on rocks close to a bridge near the town. China responded with an influx of security forces. Around 80 security personnel were drafted into the area.

Tibetan monastery threatened

Two monks were arrested on suspicion of writing the slogans and security personnel have been stationed near the bridge where the slogans appeared. Security forces also surrounded Trida monastery during a prayer festival and even entered its assembly hall.

Arrested for sharing songs

On 14 March, two Tibetans - one aged 18 - were arrested for sharing a song thought to refer to Tibetan unity. Their whereabouts are unknown.

Take action

China sees even Tibetan music as a threat to its rule. Since 2012, at least nine singers have been jailed for music which offended China. Sign the petition to China's justice minister and demand the release of Tibet's jailed musicians. Read more of our latest news