Chinese government official called for stricter policing of religious activities

Regional party member visit to Tibetan monastery for Inspection
Regional party member visit to Tibetan monastery for Inspection
Regional party member visit to Tibetan monastery for inspection.
4th December 2020

Ding Yexian visited areas of Lhasa and said Tibetan Buddhism should obey CCP rules.

The Executive Deputy Secretary of the Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee, Ding Yexian visited the Tsuglak Khang and Barkor areas of Lhasa on 30 November and said there needed to be stricter policing of religious activities, Tibet Watch reported. 

Ding Yexian reportedly said all religious activity, particularly the practice of Tibetan Buddhism should obey the rules of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to ensure stability in the region and unity between groups. 

He reportedly added that the power of the monastic management committee should be increased, religious figures should uphold patriotism as a priority, and CCP membership in the region should be increased to reach the grassroot level in Tibet. 

The authorities are trying to manipulate Tibetan Buddhism into promoting CCP rule in Tibet, Tibet Watch said, adding that authorities have tried to control Tibetan Buddhism through the monastic management committee and training senior figures in monasteries and asking them  to promote party propaganda.

Earlier this year, Free Tibet and Tibet Watch reported on an expansion of training sessions in monasteries for Tibetan monks and nuns. These latest sessions followed the Seventh Tibet Work forum in August, which set policy for the coming five years in Tibet and was attended by President and CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping.


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