Chinese Embassy refuses Free Tibet's petition

Petition hand in
Petition hand in
11th September 2015

Over eleven thousand Tibet supporters call for the release of jailed musicians

Yesterday we took the signatures of 11,844 Tibet supporters, collected for our Jailed Musicians campaign, to the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in London.

As we expected, the embassy staff refused to open the door, and despite a lengthy conversation through their intercom, did not appear to understand what a petition was.

The petition package will now be sent by post to Beijing.

The petition called for China's Minister of Justice, Wu Aiying, to release Tibet's Jailed Musicians and to ensure that all Tibetans are free to express themselves without fear of punishment.

Free Tibet launched our campaign in December 2013 with the support of world famous musicians, including Peter Gabriel and members of Radiohead.

UN intervenes on Jailed Musicians

In 2014, we asked the senior UN official responsible for culture to intervene in the cases of Tibet’s imprisoned singers. In response to her communication, China confirmed that all the convicted musicians were sentenced for “separatist” activities.

All the musicians sang or wrote songs which articulated Tibetan national pride or criticised China's rule.

In May last year we launched a video, which featured contrasting emotions of popular television talent show contestants and Tibetan singers jailed for their music.

Huge support for the musicians

In September, Equity - the union representing performing artists in the UK - wrote to China’s Justice Minister and publicised the case to its 40,000 members. 

Tibetans persecuted

Tibetans continue to be arbitrarily arrested, resulting in harsh sentences for “separatism”, yet they continue to resist peacefully - whether it is through openly protesting or, like the Jailed Musicians, by keeping their culture and their loyalty to the Dalai Lama alive.

Take action

Please share our new film about Tibet with your friends and family. Ask them to spare just 10 minutes to watch it and find out why you and so many others support Tibet.

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