China gives top award to army in Tibet

30th January 2013

State's iron fist is praised for "sincerely serving Tibetan people"

One of the Chinese army regiments in Tibet has received a top military award for its work on the Tibetan plateau.

Chinese premier Xi Jinping, in his capacity as Chairman of the Military Commission, awarded the regiment the honorary title of “Model Company for Garrisoning the Country’s Frontier on the Plateau”.

This comes in the same week when an international watchdog rates China as “high risk” on military corruption.

Occupying force “promoting solidarity”

The regiment was described as “sincerely serving Tibetan people” and having “greatly promoted solidarity between the army, government and people.” Tibetans who have been at the blunt end of the military’s crackdown might disagree.

The last year has seen unprecedented protests all over Tibet against the Chinese occupation. The army’s response to Tibetans exercising their rights of free expression, religious freedom and peaceful protests is far from “promoting solidarity”, with security forces involved in beatings, arbitrary detentions and fatal shootings of unarmed protestors.

Military used to intimidate Tibetans

In November last year, Free Tibet reported of a large gathering of military personnel in Lhasa during a broadcast of the opening of the Chinese Communist Party Congress.

The gathering of soldiers was shown on Chinese state TV as a clear attempt to intimidate Tibetans against further protests.

The footage featured announcements that the Chinese Government is ready to do whatever it takes to crush those who are "destroying stability" in the region.

Take action for Tibet

Intercontinental Hotels want to build and operate a huge new resort in Lhasa, Tibet, called "Lhasa Paradise". A city existing under military occupation is no paradise for its residents and no place for multinationals to profit from pretending otherwise. Email Intercontinental and ask them to get out of Tibet.

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