Body of "disappeared" monk given to family

23rd December 2013

Believed to have been beaten and tortured to death in jail

The body of Ngawang Jamyang, a senior and highly-respected monk, was given to his family last week, after he was arrested in November. In good health when arrested, the condition of Ngawang Jamyang's body apparently "made clear" that he had been tortured. A further two Tibetans are known to have been killed in jail this year.

Threatened by security forces

Further details have not emerged because members of the local community were threatened with execution if information about the case was made public. After his arrest, monks from his monastery and the family were not told of his whereabouts or the charges against him.

Driru arrests

Ngawang Jamyang was among three monks from Tarmoe monastery arrested on 23 November. The monastery is located in Driru county, the scene of ongoing protests and arrests since Tibetans refused to fly the Chinese flag on their houses in September. Sixty Tibetans were injured in the area when security forces opened fire on a demonstration in October. Security forces searched the entire monastery by force before arresting the men. In 2008, Ngawang Jamyang had been imprisoned for two years for alleged links with "splittist" groups.

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