Interview: Why do we need a Tibetan flag emoji?

4th January 2019

This interview with Pema, one of the campaigners behind the #InsertTibetanFlag initiative, originally appeared on Youth of Tibet (@youthotibet).

The campaign hopes to have the Tibetan flag added as an official emoji, so that it is featured alongside all the other emoji flags of the world. To do this, they must submit a proposal to the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee, a board made up of representatives from the big tech companies who meet yearly and decide which new emoji to add to the official selection.

Below, Pema talks about the main drive behind the campaign and explains how emoji can play a crucial role in fighting for fair representation of marginalised people like Tibetans.

If you believe that the Tibetan culture and identity should be fairly represented and if would like to see the Tibetan flag emoji added to your phone, then please support the campaign here