Authorities highlight need for Tibetan Buddhists to study Seventh Central Tibet Work Forum

Meeting in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. 2020.
5th November 2020

Further meetings held across Tibet require Buddhists to be educated in CCP ideology.

Authorities held a meeting in Kardze on 13 October, which called for Buddhist representatives from across the area to study the spirit of the Seventh Central Tibet Work Forum, Free Tibet’s research partner Tibet Watch said. 

The session included a call to adapt Buddhism to a socialist society. 

The meeting was overseen by the secretary of the Kardze Tibet Autonomous Prefecture's Party Committee,  Liu Chengming alongside other political leaders and Buddhist representatives. 

Liu highlighted the need to remember patriotism is the basis for adapting Tibetan Buddhism to what the CCP calls a “socialist society”, Tibet Watch said. 

On 13 September, a conference was also held in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province where, a senior local official called Zhang Guohua said the majority of Tibetan Buddhists should study and implement the spirit of the Seventh Central Tibet Work Forum.

Zhang said Tibetan Buddhists must study, publicise and implement the spirit of the Seventh Central Committee on Tibet Work as a political task and called for the sinicisation of Tibetan Buddhism.

The Seventh Central Tibet Work Forum was a high-level meeting held on 29 to 30 August which dictated the CCP’s policy towards Tibet for the coming five years. Chinese president Xi Jinping spoke at the meeting. 

Free Tibet has previously reported monks and nuns at Larung Gar have been told to study the Seventh Central Tibet Work Forum, and seminars were organised in September for Tibetan Buddhists from two monasteries to teach the contents of the meeting


Meeting in Yunnan Province. 2020.

Information supplied by Tibet Watch.


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