Actor's union backs singers campaign

26th September 2014

Demands freedom for jailed artists

The general secretary of Equity, the union representing performing artists in the UK, has written to China's justice minister, Wu Aiying, to demand the release of Tibet's jailed singers and call for artistic freedom in Tibet. In her letter, Christine Payne wrote:

"Equity believes that performers all around the world have the right to freedom of artistic expression - a right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights".

The singers, she concludes:

"should be released permanently and without restriction".

The union has publicised the case to its 40,000 members, many of whom have already signed the petition calling for justice for the jailed musicians. The campaign has already been backed by music stars including Iggy Pop, Peter Gabriel and members of Radiohead.

Tibet under seige

The jailed musicians have all expressed their pride in their Tibetan heritage and their concerns about what is happening in their country. Some have challenged Chinese rule more directly but for China, their popularity and Tibetan pride is itself a threat. All but one have been jailed for "separatist activities". Trinley Tsekar was given a nine year sentence for allegedly taking part in a protest. His popularity and music is likely to have motivated the authorities to take harsh action against him.

Take action

action10.jpg Sign our petition to Wu Aiying, demanding that Tibet's jailed musicians are released.