9 Times Free Tibet Fought Back in 2020

1st January 2021

1. Launching an environmental campaign - Tibet's Climate Crisis

We kicked off 2020 by announcing our new campaign -- Tibet's Climate Crisis. Tibet’s beautiful natural environment is under threat by both global greenhouse gas emissions and China’s industrial projects.

Our campaign calls for international recognition for Tibet at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow. Over 7,000 signatures have been collected in the petition since!

Sign the petition here.


2. Raising money for our research amidst a pandemic

In March, the world was plunged into lockdown as the COVID-19 pandemic took over. Despite this, you continued your amazing support for our annual match funding campaign -- Tibet Match. We successfully raised over £16,000 for Free Tibet’s research partner Tibet Watch. This money goes towards vital research undertaken to bring stories from Tibet to the world. 

Donate to Free Tibet here.


3. Winning campaigns

We launched a new campaign in April targeting the Economist and the Wall Street Journal, calling on them to stop publishing paid-for Chinese propaganda.

We saw success within months, as both the Economist and the Wall Street Journal dropped their China Watch content.

We want to keep the momentum behind this campaign going and have now shifted our attention to the Los Angeles Times.

Sign the petition here.


4. Night-time activism at the Chinese Embassy 

In July, we worked with our friends including Tibet Network to carry out an exciting series of projections onto the Chinese Embassy and other sites across London in the middle of the night. The words ‘Free Tibet, Free Hong Kong, Free Uyghurs’ were among the messages that were projected. 

Read about the projections here.

5. Joining forces 

July also marked new beginnings as Free Tibet and Tibet Society completed a merger to combine our strengths in support of the Tibetan cause. Founded in 1959, weeks after the Dalai Lama escaped into exile, Tibet Society is the world’s oldest pro-Tibet group.

Read more about the merger here


6. Billboards in two major cities

In August, we organised billboards which ran in New York and London for two weeks. The billboards highlighted the on-going human rights abuses in Tibet. They were seen by hundreds of thousands of people and were also a huge hit on social media. 

Read more about the billboards here.

7. Marking important anniversaries - 10 March, the Day of the Disappeared

With lockdown restrictions happening for most of the year, many important anniversaries in the Tibetan calendar had to be commemorated virtually.

However, we managed to hold our annual march and protest in London to mark 10 March, commemorating 61 years since the 1959 Tibetan Uprising. We were also able to join forces with the Uyghur community to hold a protest outside the Chinese Embassy to mark the Day of the Disappeared at the end of August.

Read about the 10 March event here.

Watch Dilnaz, a Uyghur Muslim activist, talk at the Day of the Disappeared event here.


8. Participating in a historic day against the CCP

Our last big event came on 1 October, and it was a big one. Working with a coalition of Tibet, Hong Kong, Southern Mongolian, Uyghur and Chinese groups around the world, we challenged the Chinese government with a historic and unprecedented Global Day of Action

Actions resisting the CCP took place in over 50 cities and 25 countries to protest the 91st Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, drawing huge support.

See pictures from the day here.

9. Exposing and targeting a monster

In November, we launched a new campaign - Ban Chen. We are calling for the UK government to place sanctions on Chinese politician, Chen Quanguo. 

Chen is responsible for heinous human rights abuses against both Tibetans and Uyghurs and his reign of terror must be stopped. 

Sign our petition here.


We are demanding that the UK government hold Chen responsible for these widespread abuses. Chen’s name must be added to the global human rights sanctions regime list, to send a signal to Beijing that abuses against Tibetans and Uyghurs will not just be monitored, but also punished.

Please take action and sign our petition to the Foreign Secretary, demanding that Chen is banned from travelling to the UK.