3 more Tibetans die in custody

20th August 2014

Death toll rises as Tibetans suffering gunshot wounds remain untreated in Kardze

Three more Tibetans who were injured during the shooting by China on 12 August have been confirmed dead. Tsewang Gonpo, 60, Yeshe, 42, and Jinpa Tharchin, 18, were all close relatives of the village leader Wangdak, whose arrest sparked the protest. Their bodies were returned to their family on 18 August.

Denied medical aid

These deaths follow two previous deaths on 17 August from the same incident. The men died from their injuries in detention because they were denied medical treatment.

False criminal charges

Since the shootings, villagers have been instructed to say that Wangdak’s arrest was because of misuse of public funds. Approximately 250 Chinese troops and security forces are now deployed in and around the Shukpa village area.

Take Action

Help Tibetans amplify their voice by writing to your government. Email your foreign minister now. Many Tibetans and supporters around the world are organising solidarity vigils this Wednesday; see the details for London's vigil here.