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Calls for return of Dalai Lama after China slams door on negotiations


Taken from scene by police; current condition unknown

A 47 year old woman has self-immolated in protest in eastern Tibet. Yeshi Khando, a nun, set herself on fire on Wednesday 8 April at around 9am local time.


Financial investment, free teachers and subsidised China trips used to incentivise “major expansion of teaching about China”


Report submitted before IOC’s China visit stresses failure of 2008 Games to improve human rights A global coalition of more than 175 Tibet organisations will today submit a report to Thomas Bach, the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), calling on the IOC


Injured after refusing to obey police order

Chinese police shot and injured a young Tibetan man on Tuesday (10th March) in Draggo, south-east Tibet (1).


Injured after refusing to obey police order

Chinese police shot and injured a young Tibetan man on Tuesday (10th March) in Draggo, south-east Tibet (1).


China due for review of torture record this year


Woman dies as sensitive anniversary draws near


Statements regarding International Olympic Committee’s visit to 2022 Winter Olympic Games candidate city, Almaty

Alistair Currie of Free Tibet, London, said:


Environmental concerns across Tibet trigger protest and repression


Kalsang Yeshi’s fatal protest on 23 December followed by clash


Monk dies calling for freedom


Tenth fire protest of 2014

22 December 2014, immediate use


Chinese company apologises after online campaign over video game 22 December 2014, immediate use A leading Chinese internet company has been forced to make changes to its Crisis 2015 video game after intense social media criticism in Tibet of its use of real Tibetan Buddhist temp


Ninth fire protest of 2014


China’s PR offensive undermined as Google follows Twitter in deleting bogus Western claque


Kunchok, 42, set himself on fire on 16 September near a police station in Gade County, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, eastern Tibet (1). Very soon after he set himself alight in Tsangkor Sholma township, nearby Tibetans rushed to douse the flames and took him to hospital.


Latest social media charm offensive exposed In the latest example of China’s manipulation of social media, Free Tibet research has detailed a web of fake YouTube accounts used to promote pro-China videos in a similar manner to the false Twitter accounts the campaign group exposed in July (1


First self-immolation protest since April

On 17 September, Tibetan student Lhamo Tashi set himself alight and died in Tsoe City, where he was studying, in Kanlho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, eastern Tibet (1).


James Arthur, Rylan, Alexandra Burke and other emotional contestants contrasted with jailed singers in cliché-busting clip A ubiquitous X Factor cliché gets new meaning in a cheeky and challenging video released by campaign group Free Tibet.