Intercontinental news articles


Chinese state media outlet Xinhua is reporting that a monk alleged to have “goaded” eight people to set themselves alight in Tibet has confessed to acting on the instructions of the Dalai Lama (1).


As children continue to take part in the escalating self-immolation protests against Chinese rule in Tibet (1), Free Tibet and Tibet Watch have published their comprehensive and damning submission to the United Nations committee charged with evaluating China’s record on respecting the rights of c


Two 23-year-old Tibetan men died today after setting fire to themselves in separate protests against China’s occupation of their country.


Tonight’s Channel 4 Dispatches programme The Chinese are Coming (1) exposes the UK government’s betrayal of the Tibetan people.


A 17-year-old is the latest Tibetan to set himself on fire in protest at the Chinese occupation of Tibet. Sangdak Kyab self-immolated in Bhora Township, Sangchu County, Kanlho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Eastern Tibet (1).


A large number of military vehicles have been deployed in Luchu County today following the protest of a 31-year-old Tibetan man, Tsering Tashi (1).


Across Tibet, in villages, towns and cities, Tibetans from all walks of life are participating in different types of protests to demonstrate their rejection of Chinese rule and their solidarity with their fellow country-men and -women.


Terrified Tibetans in Ngaba Prefecture in Tibet (1) are going into hiding today as military personnel arrive in Kangsta Township, Dzoge County (2) in response to a protest by a young Tibetan man, Kalsang Kyab.


More than 20 Tibetan students have been hospitalised and their school placed under military lockdown following a protest in Tibet today.


Three more Tibetans have set themselves on fire in Tibet is the past two days as demands for freedom continue despite the change in Chinese leadership.


A Tibetan man set fire to himself in protest in Amchog Township, Sangchu County, Eastern Tibet (1) at 9am local time today. Tsering Dhondup (2), who was about 34 years old and married with three children, died at the scene of his protest.


One week after the death of Nyingkar Tashi (1), the 15th of 20 Tibetans to set fire to themselves in protests in the last month (2), Free Tibet has received a copy of the letter believed by Tibetans to be his last words (a photograph of the letter is available (3)).


Sangdak (1), a 24-year-old nomadic Tibetan, died after setting fire to himself in protest in Dokarmo Township, Tsekhog County, Malho Prefecture, Eastern Tibet (2) between 6 and 7 pm local time yesterday, 17 November 2012.


Thousands of Tibetans gathered in Rongwo, capital of Rebkong County, Malho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Eastern Tibet (1) following the death of a Tibetan mother of two, Chakmokyi (2), who set fire to herself at 4pm local time today.


New evidence of what is motivating escalating protests across Tibet has emerged.


Two Tibetans were reported to have set fire to themselves as China's new, unelected leaders announced.


Communications channels blocked following second self-immolation protest on 12 November.


Nyingkar Tashi, a Tibetan in his mid-20s, set fire to himself at 3:30pm local time today in Dowa Township, Rebkong County, Eastern Tibet (1). Nyingkar Tashi set himself on fire during a prayer ceremony for Tamdin Tso, a young mother who self-immolated in the area on 7 November (2).


New video reveals an intimidating show of force by China in the middle of the Tibetan capital, Lhasa (1).